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    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    Botched Blu-ray: Gangs of New York

    Depressing and maddening news indeed.

    You'd think that with the Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray recall a little over six months ago, Disney would have put some quality control measures in place for a film by - oh, I don't know, one of our greatest living directors...

    Which begs the question: does Scorsese or his DP, Michael Ballhaus, even care how Gangs of New York looks on home video? How can this happen again? They may approve of the initial film-to-video transfer, but very bad things can happen in the final mastering stage. Yes, I have to believe that what made it on Blu is unapproved. But I would like to think that, as a filmmaker, I'd want to see a test disc of the final master. I expect this in the recording industry. I would never allow my work to be replicated until I signed off on the final master. Is home video any different?

    I'm just baffled. A royal screw up. Unbelievable.

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